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Comments: MEGA RARE DAT tape produced by Tape To Tape Mastering for BMG which shows Forever Now as a 'work-in-progress' piece with an undefined tracklisting consisting of 17-tracks, some of which didn't appear til the later 1996 reissue of the album.

  1. Forever Now
  2. Love In A Peaceful World
  3. Model Friend
  4. Talking In Your Sleep
  5. Romance
  6. All Over You
  7. Past Lives
  8. Tired Of Waiting
  9. Play Me
  10. One In A Million
  11. Billly's Gone
  12. Don't Bother Me
  13. Sunbed Song
  14. The Bends
  15. Learn To Say No
  16. Heart On The Line
  17.  Time Will Heal
Also pictured is a DAT from 1995 featuring Time Will Heal and Learn To Say No - both tracks would feature on the 1996 issue of the album only. The third DAT is a copy of the 1989 Live At Wembley performance.



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